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    Today marks two weeks sense we broke down (permanently). We sat in an Iowa rest area for almost four full days trying to get the motor home to run. This coming Monday makers two weeks that we have officially been homeless with nothing to our name.

    If it were not for relatives on both sides of the family we would be on the streets today. Right now we are stalled, but have a roof over our heads, for now. No transportation of our own, impossible laws in North Carolina to get setup if you are homeless. My next check will not cover even an crappy running car down here.

    We still need help to get a vehicle of our own. I hate doing this because it makes me look like a beggar but I do not know what else to do. I have started a “Go fund me” campaign to try to get help with a vehicle and setting up residences again. We were able to keep all of our pets with us, we have not had to give them up, yet.

    Depression is starting to set in hard for both me and Tena as we no not what our future is and that we are imposing on family. They may not think that, and we appreciate what they are doing for us. We just need a little more boost to get back on our feet.

    I think we can over come this, but I just do not see the way right now. The light at the end of the tunnel is gone for me.

    We have decided that what we want this time is to:

    Get back on our feet.
    Establish a permanent residence (safe haven)
    Secure a constant income for both of us not just me
    Than look to traveling during vacation times
    I am not sure what state we will domicile in right now. We are still figuring out what our best options are and medical care for Tena is a huge factor in this decision. My medical care follows me no matter where I am but not her’s.

    We still need more help and to repay our family that is keeping a roof over our head for now. Any amount is appreciated.

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